The Little Mermaid: they assure that Úrsula is the true role model

Úrsula is one of the Disney villains most remembered by the public. We saw her appear in The Little Mermaid – 92% of 1989 and over time it has become an icon for various Internet community. Through social networks, a series of publications are viralized that seek to place the so-called Sea Witch as the true icon to follow in the animated film, leaving Ariel far behind in the popularity indexes. But what are the traits that make this antagonist a role for women?

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The little Mermaid presents us the story of Ariel, daughter of Triton, king of the sea. Against her father’s wishes, she travels beyond her own world to the surface, where she falls in love with the handsome Prince Eric. Allowing herself to be carried away by her naivety, the little mermaid makes an agreement with the witch Úrsula to become human; He has three days to make the boy fall in love, otherwise he will belong to the sea witch. The protagonist bets everything in order to achieve the dream of being with her loved one when she is only 16 years old, a behavior that may not be recommended for teenagers today.

Twitter user Andrés R. Calderón has published an extensive Twitter thread in which she explains in detail why Úrsula is a better role model than Ariel herself. Among the highlights is the fact that she is a businesswoman (she has her own business that she manages with absolutely legal contracts); she is body-positive, as she shows her voluptuous body without any shame and uses incredible makeup; while Ariel prefers to leave her family and her kingdom for a man she doesn’t know, while manipulating the people around her a bit.

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Maybe not everyone agrees with Andrew, but the truth is that in the middle of 2021 it doesn’t sound very smart to sell your voice for a pair of legs and march to meet a total stranger. Ariel was lucky enough that the prince had a good heart. Today Ursula stands out as one of the most memorable characters created by Disney, an octopus-woman who breaks with all the streotypes, characterized by her unique beauty and relentless independence. Although, of course, all of the above do not justify his wishes to seize Triton’s staff and subdue the Seven Seas.

Disney has the opportunity to update its tale of The little Mermaid through the live-action version that he is already preparing, a film starring Halle Bailey. Although the choice of the star actress caused controversy at the time (the young star is an African-American girl), a good part of social networks accepted her very well and she has become a great promise on the big screen. Very soon we will find out if the new version manages to be above the original, fans are eager to know.

The filming of the live-action of The little Mermaid It is already underway but Disney has not revealed an official release date, so we will have to wait a while for more details. In addition to Halle Bailey as Ariel, we will also have the participation of Jacob Tremblay as Flounder and Awkwafina as Scuttle, among many other talents who since their naming enchanted the public, the promise with this project is truly spectacular. We are sure that, despite the numerous comments against it, this version of The little Mermaid it will become a box office success.

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