Having basic pantry products on hand is a great ally to cook more balanced and nutritious, meet those who will not be missing from your list and who will be the best complement to change habits

The days of confinement have taught us a lot about the importance of our buying habits and within it too covers the type of products that we are used to acquiring and the reality is that everything has taken a new tenor, and the type of food we buy in the supermarket it has probably changed a bit. Among the foods that have acquired the most relevance are pantry staples, as they are economic and nutritious. These types of products stand out for enjoy a long shelf life, they are versatile, generous and they give us a great contribution in essential nutrients, are those foods that save us from any emergency and that we always have at home as a backup; of course during a pandemic they acquire greater relevance.

The reality is that having these products on hand is a good tool which makes it much easier for us to feed on more balanced, nutritious and healthy way, saving time and money; that is why various nutrition specialists consider them a fundamental element in all diet.

1. Dry pantry products

They represent one of the best alternatives for those days when you don’t know what to cook, you have few ingredients and time, they are so versatile that can be the base of any vegetable stew, an extraordinary garnish for accompany rice, meat, chicken, fishor or what you can think of. They have the advantage of yielding a lot, which is why you can prepare a big saucepan and refrigerate leftovers to eat this of the week, the most recommended by experts are: Dry beans among which stand out brown rice, whole wheat pasta and quinoa, the lentils, the nutsflour vegetable broths and cereals like oats.

2. Canned products

It is very likely that we have the tendency to relate to canned goods with a kind of bad name, this is because they are considered processed products to which are added various preservatives, flavorings, sodium and other substances with the aim of improve its flavor and shelf life; however when you learn to choose the healthiest variants and above all to enrich the preparations in which you integrate them, everything changes. You can use canned beans to make a food richer in protein and iron, also consider the canned fish to provide a good content of Omega 3 fatty acids in your diet. In general, any canned product can be turned into a homemade and nutritious food, try to drain and stuff them in a strainer to remove excess sodium, mix them with abundant fresh vegetables To create soups or salads, season with extra virgin olive oil and spices. Some of the most recommended options are canned tomatoescanned fish like salmon and tuna, some soups like chilli, beans and chickpeas, canned products such as artichokes and hearts of palm and coconut milk.

3. Products that require refrigeration

The truth is that foods that require refrigeration will not serve forever, however they have the advantage of keeping for much longer in good conditions. At the same time, they are the type of food that represent an easy, fast and exquisite natural alternativel have the advantage of being highly nutritious and fill us with energy as is the case of the eggs, dairy, Greek yogurt, the cabbage, the carrots, the butter, the beet and citrus; with any of these ingredients you can create healthy dishes and more if you combine them with dry pantry products or also some canning.

4. Frozen food

Frozen products too they are a classic of the pantry and more currently it is convenient reduce visits to the supermarket, it has also been proven that they are foods that retain their nutritional properties practically intact, have the advantage of being preserved better for longer and they are much safer since during freezing it inhibits the growth of any pathogen. Don’t forget to have on hand a bag of frozen berries or mangoes, vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and spinach, edamames, fish, meat and even shrimp.

5. Herbs and spices

Have a good collection of scent herbs and spices It’s one of the best allies of all healthy and delicious cuisine, using them raises the quality of all kinds of food fills them with aromas, personality and flavors. Also its use is a great ally to give it versatility to the food that we normally consume creating different marinades and spices and they certainly represent a good alternative for Reduce the consumption of salt. Some good options are the pepper, oreganobasil, garlic and onion powder, the cinnamon, cumin, the dill, coriander and parsley and chilli powder.