‘The Lion’s Song’, a new free game on the Epic Games Store

There is a new free game on the Epic Games Store: The Lion’s Song, an interesting indie graphic adventure that you will want to make yourself with, if you like the genre and have not played it yet. That’s why we warned you, because if not, how were you going to find out?

And it is that according to the figures that the Epic Games Store itself manages, while its user base does not stop growing due precisely to its desire to give away games continuously, it is not a strategy that is producing significant benefits. Rather the complete opposite. That’s why we tell you that you can take The Lion’s Song for free: because it is the only thing that interests you from the Epic Games Store.

Now, things as they are: the Epic Games Store may be wasting a fortune to try to make a dent in Steam, without success; It may also be that if the plan is failing them, it is because everything else fails, including a platform whose experience is light years away from Steam … But to César what is César’s, and if there is something that they are doing well, it is select very good games to give away, such as The Lion’s Song.

The Lion’s Song is a point and click graphic adventure It came out five years ago for PCs (Linux, Mac, Windows) and later came to consoles; a retro-style title whose story follows “the life of a talented young composer preparing for her breakout concert, a moment that will define her career. In search of inspiration, he flees the pressure of expectation to the solitude of the Austrian Alps of the early 20th century.

The story of The Lion’s Song is divided into four chapters, of which the first is free of charge, although as you have already read, Epic Games Store offers you the complete package at zero cost, as long as you are registered in their service and that it claim before next May 20. Of course, you can only opt for the Windows version, the only operating system supported by the store. In this link you have it. We leave you with the official trailer of the game.


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