The light rail of Parramatta (Australia) will be connected by TETRA | News | Communications

Teltronic will be responsible for the deployment of the TETRA radio system to give service to new Parramatta light rail, a new line connecting Westmead and Carlingford, west of Greater Sydney

This new transport infrastructure is one of the last major projects that the Government of New South Wales is carrying out to provide new services to the growing city of Sydney, creating this line through Parramatta, a thriving area with important facilities of leisure, sports, commercial and health, which is expected to be operational in 2023.

For this project, whose telecommunications package has been assigned to Thales, Teltronic will provide its NEBULA network infrastructure, made up of the network control node and the outdoor base stations necessary to provide coverage for the entire route.

The Parramatta (Australia) light rail will be connected by TETRA.

In addition, the company also will equip vehicles with an on-board radio from its RTP product series offering TETRA voice and data services and that it is frequently used in trams and light meters around the world, as well as terminals, both portable and desktop units, which will be used by supervisors and maintenance personnel.

“After the North West projects and the Sydney light rail, this will be our third transport reference in this Australian city, a fact that shows the strength of our solutions and the good reception they are having in the country, a market on the rise in which we hope to continue growing with new business opportunities on TETRA technology but also on LTE ”, he explained the Director of Transportation Business Development, Felipe Sanjuán.