The Lies About the Downed Plane MH17 in Ukraine

There are things that are very difficult for me to digest, but that the Ukrainian government categorically affirms that the pro-Russian militias have shot down the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777, I do not buy it. This has all the earmarks of being a false flag event to provoke a world crisis, fortunately, they have not achieved their purpose and unfortunately there are almost 300 people dead.

Obviously, if I state my point of view, I will have to argue it with reasons why I suspect that everything is a plot, well, let’s get to it.

one.- Ukrainian separatists don’t have the technology to shoot down a plane at 33,000 feet, they only have portable anti-aircraft missiles capable of shooting down planes at very low altitude or helicopters, specifically the Igla missile system, there is no evidence that the separatist militias have SAM or Buk missiles, which require enormous infrastructure and knowledge for their operation. correct use.

two.- The regular army of Kiev, HAVE powerful anti-aircraft missile systems type Buk Capable of shooting down planes to 33,000 feet and even higher, this system requires huge trucks with radars and large mobile missile platforms.

3.- The Kiev Army TRANSPORTED THE DAY BEFORE the Buk platforms antiaircraft to be used against the civil aircraft MH17, specifically, it was transported to the outskirts of Donetsk where they were used, according to sources.

4.- Flying over Ukraine is prohibitedAccording to sources that indicated that world aviation knew about the risk, why were European planes not banned from flying over this dangerous area?

5.- The day before the event, Ukraine makes a global appeal stating that the Russians had shot down a Ukrainian military plane

6.- ANDl Boeing 777 is shot down just hours later If the US applied another round of sanctions on Russia, if it had been the other way around, perhaps those sanctions would not have been taken or would have been postponed to a new investigation.

7.- Vladimir Putin’s Plane had passed 35 minutes earlier in the area From the incident, the colors of the Russian presidential planes and those of Aeroflot (Russian) are similar to those of Malaysia (Blue, White, Red). Did you want to shoot down Vladimir Putin’s plane or a civilian Russian plane?


8.- On the MH17 plane there were 100 world experts on AIDS, among them, important researchers who requested access to the third world of AIDS treatments and its reduction of prices to the pharmaceutical industry to make treatments accessible. A timely death? …

Every hour new evidence comes out pointing to the Ukrainian government as the head of the massacre, every minute the mass media claim that it was the Russians, what do you think?

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