Wednesday May 27, 2020

Ricardo Dabrowski spent five seasons wearing the Colo Colo shirt. His step was from 1987 to 1992, the year he retired from activity and became part of the Jozic coaching staff. In 2004 he returns to the club as a coach, staying for a season.

If it is a question of talking about Ricardo Dabrowski, the Copa Libertadores obtained by Colo Colo in 1991 immediately comes to mind. In dialogue with Soccer press the former scorer albo recalled the great feat accomplished by the ‘Cacique’ within 29 years of obtaining the title.

“That marked a before and after because in those years it was unthinkable that a Chilean team could achieve this achievement. It was merit of a team work. What he accomplished was heroic, no one ever matches him yet, “said Dabrowski

He also added that “back then there were fewer teams that competed and they were the best, because the champion and runner-up of each country went. Now teams from other levels are mixed. That is why what we did was very meritorious. In that year we eliminated Barcelona, ​​which was a semifinalist the previous year, Alianza Lima, who was the champion of Peru, Nacional de Uruguay, who is a great team from the continent, Boca Juniors, to say, and Olimpia, were the previous champions. ”

The former albo coach also referred to the technical impact on the American champion squad. “Mirko had previously been working with Colo Colo in the inferiors after having been world champion with Yugoslavia in the World Cup in Chile Sub 20. I knew him from before he assumed the first team, because he lived close to me and Daniel Morón and we took him to the Monumental and we knew how he thought, “said the Argentine.

“Arturo Salah had previously achieved an important base in soccer and in the group. So when Mirko arrived, he capitalized in a good way by changing a game system that was risky but it turned out, “he emphasized.

Finally, Dabrowski took stock of his time as a player at Colo Colo, where he stated that “the three-time championship and the Copa Libertadores left me alone and I felt that my time at Colo Colo was very fruitful.”