The Libérrimos become the new champions of ‘Boom!’ after beating Las GRAE

After five programs and 17,000 euros accumulated, the GRAE said goodbye to Boom! and Juanra Bonet this Tuesday after being defeated by Los Libérrimos, who became the new champion team.

The former champions added several failures in the qualifying bomb, they failed to deactivate the fourth bomb of the initial phase and were defeated in the strategic bomb of the Antena 3 contest.

But the curious thing about the new winners was that three of them already knew the presenter for having participated in another program, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ?: “I have played with you, but without legs”said Bonet.

“And you have made a little team, mind you, the millionaires …”, commented the host of the program. “Is it made with love or is it that you still haven’t got paid from the ‘millionaire’?”

“It has been with affection,” he said. Ana, who, along with Alberto and Héctor, already knew what it was like to deal with the presenter after passing through the stool of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (his partner Ana Belén was the only one who had not participated in the contest).

In the end, they did not manage to take the jackpot of 2,505,000 euros, since they were two questions away from winning in the final bomb of the program, but on their first day they managed to accumulate 5,700 euros.

Los Libérrimos, in ‘Boom!’. ATRESMEDIA