The Liberbank Oviedo, stopped until Friday

If so, if everyone tests negative again, Natxo Lezkano will be able to lead a training session again on Friday, something that leaves him very little room for maneuver to prepare for the match against Cáceres on matchday six, which, initially , is set to be played on Sunday, at 12 noon, in the city of Extremadura. The normal thing would be, therefore, for the Spanish Federation to postpone the match.

The positive for coronavirus came to Liberbank Oviedo in a very sweet moment, after having chained two consecutive victories: first at home against Melilla (82-76) and then, at home, against Ourense (69-82). A streak that they pretended to have prolonged against a historic LEB Oro team, Palencia, a team coached by Arturo Álvarez from Miere and who aspires to be at the top of the rankings.

The OCB now has two victories and one defeat, since, in addition to the match that they had to postpone, the second day was lost, in this case because they had to rest: each day a team rests as group A of the LEB Oro is odd .

In the case of having to play Sunday’s game against Cáceres, the OCB will have a difficult commitment and against a team that is making a good start to the League. Extremadura have beaten the same two rivals as Oviedo Baloncesto (Ourense by 75-66 and Melilla by 74-75) and they come to face last day one of the great favorites for promotion, Valladolid, with the who lost 73-67, leaving very good feelings. In Cáceres there is a historical OCB like Fran Cárdenas and Jorge Sanz, who was last year in Oviedo.