The LEGO Hummer you’ll want to buy

At Diariomotor we are big fans of LEGO kits, and that is why we echo all their news aimed at the motor world. But today we are going to treat an even more special creation than usual, and that is New Electric GMC Hummer Seeks Support To Become An Official LEGO Technic Kit. Yes, on the LEGO Ideas platform it has appeared a creation of the new Hummer packed with gadgets, thus allowing all fans of the model to enjoy the gigantic off-road vehicle at home.

The return of Hummer with a huge electric 4×4 is revolutionizing the market

East GMC Hummer EV is made with 2,200 LEGO pieces, which is no exaggeration compared to the 3,599 pieces of the Bugatti Chiron or the 3,696 pieces of the Lamborghini Sián. Even so, the reproduction made by the user “technic-Al” has all kinds of details such as the use of all-wheel drive, 4-wheel steering – including the Crabwalk function -, independent suspension with height adjustment, functional doors, rear box with cover, front trunk, etc.

Under this formula (LEGO Ideas), any LEGO user can propose projects, finding proposals of all kinds such as this GMC Hummer EV. If they get enough support from other users, LEGO agrees to review the proposal and work to make it an official kit.. In the section related to the motor world, there are countless projects with very good looking, especially in the Technic or Creator sections, the Bentley Blower and the Scania Next Generation S730 being in the process of review right now.

This is the real GMC Hummer EV

Regarding the model on which this LEGO kit has been based, we can only say that it has been a great revolution in the market. The launch of the GMC Hummer EV has not only meant seeing a rebirth of Hummer, but also supposes an unprecedented leap for General Motors in electric mobility. In Diariomotor we have already analyzed in depth all the news that the new Hummer brings, a huge pick-up of up to 1,000 hp that will be on the streets in 2022, but just a few weeks ago we discovered that it will also have an SUV version for those looking for a more functional body. In the absence of testing in situ what the new electric Hummer is capable of, we can only tell you that it has everything to become one of the best 4x4s of the moment, laying the foundations of what will be the reinvention of the off-road in an electric key.

Source: LEGO Ideas | Youtube

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