The legendary Pokémon Zarude finally arrives in Spain through an event for Sword and Shield

You can now request your redeemable code on the GAME stores website and you will have it without leaving home.

Pokémon Sword / Pokémon Shield

For over half a year we have known Zarude, a Legendary pokemon with a very unusual combination of types: plant and sinister. It also has a signature move called Jungle Cure. Of course, it’s closely related to the next film in the series, so it’s no wonder that Japanese fans could unlock it by purchasing a ticket. And in Spain? Until now, it had been a mystery.

Finally we can confirm that the distribution of this creature comes from the hands of the chain of GAME stores, as has happened with many other Pokémon events in recent years. The procedure to get your code will also be familiar to you if you are a veteran: you have to enter the promotional portal of your website, log in with our account and enter our email address in the text box that we find right there.

They will send us a confirmation email to that same address, which includes a link. Just click on it and wait 24 hours to receive another email with the code that we can take to the game. Once you have it signed up, open Pokémon Sword or Shield on your Nintendo Switch and exchange it from the menu Mysterious gift, as indicated in the instructions that will be delivered to you. And ready!

You have until December 13 to use the promotion In the absence of knowing all the details about the Pokémon, those who have already used their code from a foreign store (but within EMEA territory) share images on networks where you can see a level 60 creature equipped with the object “remains”, which which for many is a two for one. Be that as it may, you have until December 13 to benefit from this promotion.

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