The Legacy of Jupiter: It topped the Nielsen ratings before it was canceled.

Last week Netflix announced the cancellation of The Legacy of Jupiter – 35%. That broke the hearts of the fans and the cast of the series. That made us all assume that the show might not have done too well, although it was revealed shortly after the news that the show dominated Nielsen’s ratings for the week of May 3-9. 696 million minutes were viewed. Remember that the series premiered on May 7. That implies that the series did tremendously well on its opening weekend to accomplish that.

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We now know that it also dominated the ratings from May 10-16 (via Deadline). One billion minutes of the series’ eight episodes were reported to have been viewed during that time period. In other words, her popularity didn’t wane in the slightest after her first weekend. On the contrary, it increased considerably. That raises the question of why Netflix decided to cancel it.

The reality is that by now the streaming giant is famous for canceling series after one season. It seems he just likes to invest in shows that go viral like Stranger Things. In that sense, it should be remembered that Netflix is ​​not interested in the number of times we watch its programs. For them, the important thing is not that. The only thing that is of value to the company is that its shows attract subscribers. It’s the only thing that matters in the streaming war. It is likely that they thought that the series was not going to attract subscribers because it did not do very well with the criticism or went viral and so they decided to put it to sleep and replace it with another Mark Millar property.

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Speaking of this iconic comic book creator. It seems appropriate to remember that he had previously talked about having things planned for a second season, which, most likely, were going to show us the most iconic moments of the comic that did not make it to the series. At the time, he seemed very confident that Netflix would give them the green light. It is regrettable that this was not the case. Here you can see what he said about it, before the series premiered:

We know where we are going. Books are a good model. You know, the books are there for us … We have a somewhat crude plan, but we know that it all depends on the fact that, hopefully, we don’t want to be too arrogant, the audience responds in the way we think they will, but we we feel really good about that. We feel like people are going to like this; the response thus far has been great. So we really feel like it’s going to get a lot of likes. So we think it will have [una segunda temporada]. We talk, in private, all the time about what we want [en el futuro], but nothing can be official until we have our numbers.

On the other hand, Andrew Horton had said that the news of the series cancellation left him devastated, which makes sense because it looked like it was going to be his first big break. You may have better luck in the future.

I am devastated. The Jupiter legacy was a once in a lifetime experience and one I will never forget. I am sad and sorry that we cannot continue this journey. I feel like we barely scratched the surface with it. But as the incomparable Jim Carrey once said: ‘this is how the cookie is broken’. A huge thank you to all the people who got involved in this project titan. We must be incredibly proud of what we create, despite this result.

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