The League of Nations decided at random?

After Romania-Norway, another League of Nations match, Switzerland-Ukraine, was canceled on Tuesday. It is a draw that could give the result of these two meetings.

Despite the health crisis, UEFA therefore maintained the 2nd edition of its League of Nations during the international windows of September, October and November 2020, even adding a friendly match during the last two windows. Or when financial interests jeopardize the health of the best players in Europe … If it will offer a superb “Final 4” (theFrench team is the first qualified), the European competition is not sporting anything important.

As proof, this League of Nations 2020-2021 could end with two undisputed matches. Last Saturday, the Romania-Norway meeting was canceled, the Norwegian government having prohibited its selection from leaving the country because of a positive case detected the day before within the group. Tuesday, Switzerland-Ukraine was deprogrammed. And for good reason: a few hours before the match, the Canton of Lucerne decided to quarantine the Ukrainian selection.

Switzerland saved by a draw?

On these two matches, it was not the respective federations that caused the cancellation, but the local authorities, which should not lead to decided results on the green carpet (3-0). But what about the fate of these meetings? The next international window, in March 2021, is reserved for Fifa for the first 3 days of qualifying for the 2022 World Cup. Romania-Norway and Switzerland-Ukraine could therefore be rescheduled in June, before Euro 2020.

Before a UEFA decision, the regulations of the League of Nations offer several options. In addition to the match on the green carpet, it is planned to determine the result of a match (1-0, 0-0 or 0-1) by a draw. Chance could thus allow Switzerland, in the event of victory, to finish ahead of Ukraine in direct confrontations and to remain in League A at the expense of the formation of Andriy Shevchenko, who would then be relegated to the 2nd division of this accessory. League of Nations.

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