The Latin American Tower celebrates the launch of PlayStation 5!

The day expected by all fans of PlayStation! Today Sony’s next-generation console, the PlayStation 5, was launched and boy did the celebration kick off in a big way at the Mexico City


For this launch, Sony had a great idea to illuminate iconic buildings in various locations around the world. And when we say “illuminate”, we do not mean that they put Christmas lights or something like that. They went big projecting the unmistakable PlayStation symbols.

In Mexico City, the celebration is projected in the famous Latin American Tower. Yes, there a few blocks from Meave Square where several years ago, there was the unofficial PlayStation capital of CDMX.

Impossible to see the photos and videos and not feel the Chinese skin of so many memories that that area gave to your gamer childhood. Today, seeing those iconic circle, square, triangle and X’s projected onto one of the city’s iconic buildings is impressive to say the least.

Screenings will be on November 12 and 13. We leave you with photos of the Latin American Tower and other buildings that were also illuminated around the world for this occasion.