The latest rumors suggest that the OnePlus 9T and 9T Pro have been canceled | Technology

This year it seems that OnePlus will not launch a version with the tag T on its terminals. The latest reports suggest that they have been canceled and will not reach the market.

OnePlus has changed its device launch policies in recent years. What began as a company that launched only one terminal a year, has become a company capable of offering several options depending on the user’s budget.

By opening up to a much wider market and, furthermore, diversifying its products by entering sectors such as headphones, televisions or even tablets according to the latest rumors; it has made the company have a more generous catalog.

And, is that, having such a generous catalog implies doing without minor renovations such as the arrival in September of a version with the tag “T” in the name. This appears to be what will happen this year at the beginning of the third quarter.

The latest reports and rumors suggest that the company has decided to cancel the launch of the OnePlus 9T and 9T Pro. These terminals do not exist today, but if they did, they would be an improved version of the already more than decent OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro.

It may be that the latest Qualcomm processor was housed inside or that its screen was a few nits brighter, we do not know and we will not know. This movement, although it may sadden some users, the truth is that it makes a lot of sense.

Currently OnePlus has high ranges led by the OnePlus 9 Pro, medium ranges with the Nord 2 and entry ranges with the Nord N10 and N10 5G. Fitting a terminal that straddles the Nord 2 and the OnePlus 9 Pro is complicated.

It can also be for monetary reasons and, is that the devices have to be profitable and launch a team that competes directly with the high-end, but at a lower price can blow up the sales of the first.

The reasons are many, but the important fact is that reports suggest that this year there will be no such terminals. Of course, as it is not an official OnePlus information, these data must always be taken with some caution. September is just around the corner, so it doesn’t cost anything to wait to see that they don’t hit the market.

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