Russia has more than 9,000 cases in 24 hours and is back to overcoming Brazil in number of infections. The number of recovered people in the world is over 2 million. Summary of this Saturday (23/05):

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World has more than 5.2 million cases and 338 thousand deaths; 2 million recovered

Brazil has 330,890 cases and 21,048 deaths

Russia has 9,400 cases in 24 hours and surpasses Brazil again

The updates are in Brasília time (press Ctrl + F5 to update):

09:20 – Germany has 638 cases and 42 deaths in 24 hours

Germany recorded 638 cases of covid-19 and 42 deaths related to the disease on Friday, the Robert Koch Institute said on Saturday. The country now has 177,850 infections and 8,216 deaths, according to official data. Check the evolution of German numbers in the last ten days:

Thursday, May 21: 460 cases; 27 deaths

Wednesday, May 20: 797 cases; 83 deaths

Tuesday, May 19: 513 cases; 72 deaths

Monday, May 18: 342 cases; 21 deaths

Sunday, May 17: 583 cases, 33 deaths

Saturday, May 16: 620 cases; 57 deaths

Friday, May 15: 913 cases; 101 deaths

Thursday, May 14: 933 cases; 89 deaths

Wednesday, May 13: 798 cases; 101 deaths

Tuesday, May 12: 933 cases; 116 deaths

08:40 – Russia has 9,400 cases in 24 hours and beats Brazil again

Russia recorded 9,434 cases of coronavirus in 24 hours, bringing its total infections to 335,882. With the new data, the country again surpassed Brazil (330,890) in number of confirmed cases and returned to second place in the world, behind only the United States.

Moscow also reported a record of 139 deaths in the past 24 hours, after a record 150 deaths the previous day. The total number of victims in the country now totals 3,388.

Officials warned that the death rate in Russia is expected to rise later this month. Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko said on Friday that about 109,000 people are currently hospitalized – an increase of 39,000 people since May 6 – with about 2,500 of them in treatment facilities. intensive.

Summary of the main events of Friday (05/22):

Brazil has 1,001 deaths in 24 hours and becomes the second country with more cases of covid-19 in the world

New study indicates risks of chloroquine in treatment against covid-19

Government dismisses Secretary of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Health

South America is the new epicenter of the pandemic, says WHO

For the first time since 1990, China does not set a target for economic growth

India sets new infections record in 24 hours

UK will impose 14-day quarantine on those arriving from abroad


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