The latest from Google that we can use the Nest Audio as the default speaker of a TV with Chromecast

The advent of always-on speakers is allowing them to become devices that go far beyond the simple means of listening to music. Smart home control by voice, association with other devices … And if a few weeks ago we saw how you could associate a Fire TV to get the sound through an Echo Dot speaker, now it is Google that is working to make something similar possible.

The Nest Audio, the latest Google development to replace the Google Home, will have the option to get audio from a TV with a Chromecast paired and in this way not do without the audio of the smart TV, which on some occasions, can leave something to be desired.

A Nest Audio as a Home Cinema

The speakers that make up modern televisions are conditioned by their limited space, which means that not infrequently they can offer a level that is not adequate for the content that we are going to reproduce. One option may be to opt for a complementary cinema system, a possibility to which the power will be added. use a Nest Audio as the default output source.

As reported in WSJ, Google is working to allow a speaker to be used Nest Audio as the primary audio output of a Chromecast. Until now, both devices could be linked, but the use of was limited to being able to control music and video on TV.

When Google completes the integration, one or more speakers can be used Nest Audio for use with the TV to output sound and form a home theater system, something that as we have already mentioned, Amazon makes possible with the Echo speakers and the Fire TV.

For now there are no more details about it and the first device that could benefit from this improvement would be the Chromecast with Google TV. From there the range of options is huge. Could it reach the older Chromecasts? What about televisions that have a built-in Chromecast? This last point would be very interesting, given that there are quite a few models with Android TV that include a Chromecast among their specifications.

Further It remains to be seen if this improvement will be limited to the Nest Audio only. or other Googgle speakers could also benefit from it, such as the Nest Mini, the original Google Home or the Google Home Max.

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The latest from Google that we can use the Nest Audio as the default speaker of a TV with Chromecast