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If something positive has brought quarantine with it on social networks, it has been the love for books, with models like Kaia Gerber organizing book clubs on their Instagram profiles and numerous personalities and influencers including his favorite books in the highlights section of his accounts. Emily Ratajkowski and Kendall Jenner are other models known not only for their work on the catwalk, but for their love of reading. Kendall’s is so widespread that even the magazine ‘W’ sets her up as an icon of books, as she has been photographed reading on so many occasions and the sales of the books she chose have grown in such a way that it has become clear that celebrities they influence not only fashion, but also reading.

We had become used to the fact that the only books that appeared from the profiles of many characters were the table books known as ‘coffee table books’, but the confinement has made characters like Oprah, Emma Watson, Florence Welch and Sarah Jessica Parker have made reading cool again. Reese witherspoon She is a self-declared inveterate reader who has made us not only see her brand’s dresses on her social networks, Draper james, but also countless books. The actress and producer even opened a virtual book club where she recommends books along with a review for her audience to comment on. The peculiarity of this reading club is, in addition, that the authors of the works are all women.

The problem of dealing with any topic, however delicate it may be, on social networks brings with it an inevitable consequence: receiving comments from haters or suspicious people. Kaia Gerber, who has spoken of the 18 books that have been read during the quarantine, has received comments from people who doubt that the model has been able to read so many books in such a short time, especially when talking about books of a certain depth. Suddenly there are those who think that books are being used as another accessory in social networks, and at a time when silent luxury will begin to emerge as it is not well seen to boast of brand bags nor logos, the new way of showing off can now be reading.

Juniper Books.

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 Juniper Books.

Juniper Books.

We already talked about how Gwyneth Paltrow had hired a book curator who was in charge of selecting the literary works that he had to have in his house to make these decorative pieces, and it was there that we saw a first sign of what he was for. to come: books had become accessories and objects of desire. Years ago, they did it literally from the hand of Olympia Le-Tan, whose book-shaped clutches swept the celebrities, who now prefer to be able to read books rather than use them to stick lipstick on them.

Of course, Kaia Gerber He did not take into account either the cover or the fact that the book ‘Mischief of the bad girl’, by Vargas Llosa, outside 2006 when it was photographed with him, but some people do look at the covers of the books when uploading them to their social networks or the one that has become viral. That is the reason why the wonderful book Calypso ‘, by David Sedaris, has become one of the favorites of the networks, where the undisputed favorite is now ‘Normal people’, from Sally Rooney. The millennial writer is already a benchmark and has the homonymous television adaptation of the BBC and Hulu.

Although of course promoting reading cannot have any but, we are going to add one: reading is always wonderful, BUT let’s not forget that we cannot judge the book by its cover, so when we see a character use books as mere objects decorative, we get tenths.