The latest edition of the Mitsubishi Montero marks the end of the legendary 4×4

The Japanese firm has confirmed the arrival on the market of the last manufactured series of the Mitsubishi Montero, a special commemorative version called Final Edition made up of only 800 units that are exclusively destined for the Australian market, the last major market where the 4×4 is still on the market.

It has been a long time since we had confirmation of the departure of the Mitsubishi Montero, one of the few true SUVs left on the market and that in recent years had suffered a huge decline in sales, despite the SUV fever that is sweeping all markets.

Little by little and in silence, in recent years the Mitsubishi Montero has been phased out in all major markets and currently there are very few regions in which the Japanese off-road vehicle is still marketed, as is the case of Australia, where it is called Pajero and which has been precisely the destination of the last series manufactured. So unless there are still stock units in other Asian markets, Australian customers will be the last to purchase a new 4×4.

Only 800 units for the Australian public.

The last manufactured series of the Montero pajero corresponds to the special commemorative Final Edition version, which despite sharing the name with which it was presented a few years ago when the 4×4 was canceled in its home market, has nothing to do with it, as these are units slightly modified by the Australian dealers themselves with a few accessories.

What’s new?

This limited edition is characterized by elements such as the hood protector, leather cover for the user manual, new interior carpet mats, boot protectors and the usual nameplates with the version name. Being an edition created in the dealership itself, customers will be able to request it as an optional cosmetic package, so it will be available for various trim levels.

The latest series of the off-roader is already on its way to Australian dealerships and consists of 800 units, all corresponding to the long and 7-seater variant of the model equipped with 3.2-liter 4-cylinder turbodiesel block delivering 191 hp and 441 Nm of maximum torque. The transmission is automatic and the disconnectable all-wheel drive system is part of the standard equipment.

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