The latest Burger King craze is this bunless burger

Burger King Japan offers one pound of meat, cheese, and breadless toppings as a burger topping.

The fast food chain generated approximately $ 1.78 billion in revenue last year

Its drive-thru visits increased 26 percent in April, May and June, according to figures from the NPD Group.

Burger King it does not do marketing by halves, if something characterizes the brand, it is its strategies that sometimes seem more crazy than plans, but that in reality place the fast food chain as a leader in creativity. His latest movement is the “Extreme Super One Pound Beef Burger” and the “Maximum Super One Pound Beef Burger”.

Burger King Japan shows the trends with a burger that offers a pound of meat, cheese and toppings (technically weighs a little over 1.1 pounds before grilling) without one of its ingredients being bread, they put two meats in place of covered with a traditional hamburger and that’s what works for them in that market.

From next November 20 to December 3 of this crazy 2020, the most daring diners of the company can order both styles of Super One Pound Beef Burger at participating Burger King Japan restaurants. While McDonald’s And even the brand itself is betting in other regions on plant-based “meat”, on that side of the world they ask for double meat, which reveals that there is an audience for everything.

Especially in Japan crazy things have happened, as we recently reported on a campaign called Chicken Ugly Burger, which is considered the ugliest hamburger that has been released for sale in the fast food market. The about 144 peso burger features fried chicken, smoked bacon, and flavored pickles.

Other brands in other parts of that nation are also conducting more flavor experiments; like in Kit Kat Japan, which recently announced a tradition-inspired Aomori apple pie flavor.

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Fast food in general is transforming and each brand takes the course of what it wants to achieve in front of the consumer, in the midst of the contingency.

Fast food is undergoing an imminent evolution. In the case of McDonald’s, there have been definitive closures, for example in the case of itsiconic store in Times Square Recently. Although restaurants continued to operate and were assisted by delivery to bring food to their consumers, brands such as Burger King and McDonald’s They needed to reopen as soon as possible.

The figures show that its archrival, the chain of the golden arches, had a valuation of 129 thousand 321 million dollars (million dollars) on a global scale. This is followed by Starbucks, KFC, Subway, Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut and Chipotle. It is not until the eighth place in the ranking that the house of the Whopper is found, with 6.368 million dollars, according to Statista.