The last season of The Walking Dead will be “dark and brutal”

Without a doubt, fans of The Walking Dead are very eager to see the final season of the series. More details were released!

There is no doubt that the last season of The Walking Dead promises to be unforgettable. The AMC series will come to an end after having aired for 11 seasons; Let’s remember that this famous zombie story began in October 2010 and has never stopped since then. Recently, new details were released about this great closing that awaits us.

The final season of The Walking Dead was scheduled for early 2021, but the pandemic changed these plans causing the end to be different. So it was finally decided that the last installment will arrive in the month of August. It is not so long! That said, fans are already preparing to say goodbye to a series that gave many joys and also sadness.

A brutal and dark season

Scott M. Gimple, former showrunner and current content director for the franchise, recently gave details about the ending of The Walking Dead series. Although he did not go into details, he promised that the end of the story, which will feature new villains, will be “brutal and very dark.”

“It’s not totally dark and dreary. There is some sun in the gloom, but dark things become very, very, very, very dark ”, anticipated Gimple, who also said that the end will have its“ luminous moments ”. He also revealed that the final episodes will have a significant level of intensity, ranging from physical threat to an emotional breaking point that the characters must go through. “There are some really brutal things about him and yet he directly affects some of our most beloved characters and ties into their stories in different ways,” he added.

While the series will come to an end with season 11, this universe has a lot of fabric to cut. The AMC network was revealed to have big plans, such as various spin-offs like Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond. To this is added a new fiction that will have Daryl and Carol as protagonists, as well as a new anthology called Tales of the Walking Dead. Let’s not forget the movies about Rick Grimes, starring Andrew Lincoln.

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