“The Last Of Us” Easter Egg Discovered After 7 Years

Easter Egg from The Last Of Us Found after 7 years | Naughty dog

Found a Easter egg something sinister in the prologue of « The Last of Us », seven years after its official release.

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Hidden in the events of « The Last of Us », an Easter Egg has been found that does not add direct knowledge, but has scared off users of Twitter they are just figuring out how to activate it.

After going through several facets, player can find very detailed video of a ant infected with cordyceps on television in the bedroom of Joel.

The method to unlock this Easter egg and subsequently approach the 100 percent completion of « The Last of Us » it is complex. The player must start from the beginning and complete the entire prologue up to the point where the news report is displayed on the TV.

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It is unclear why television is broadcasting this image, or even why the Easter egg it’s so hidden. The co-director of « The Last of Us », Kurt Margenau, tweeted that « Like the one who wrote the script for this sequence … it sounds like a mistake, tbh. »

It seems that ant was initially a shading test, which was left after following that specific set of instructions.