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Image from Y: The Last Man (2021)

A few days after knowing the official release date of the television series adaptation of Y: The Last ManWe already have the first look at the protagonist of the series, Yorick Brown. The producer, Eliza Clark, has shared a new image on social networks.

This shot shows the actor Ben Schnetzer in his role as Yorick Brown, but we do not see her face as she is covered by a gas mask. This happens the same in the comics, where dozens of survivors put on gas masks in the first days after the apocalypse, not knowing if what has happened is because of something in the air. Yorick, realizing that he may be the last man, puts on the mask and continues to wear it even after most women stop to make it through the new world order. In the shared image, we see him carrying his pet monkey’s carrier.

When we find Yorick looking like this, early in the series, he is on his way to Washington, DC, looking for his mother, Representative Brown. He keeps his identity hidden, since being the last representative of the male gender would be something that would attract a lot of attention.

Image from Y: The Last Man (2021)Image from Y: The Last Man (2021)

Warcraft’s Ben Schnetzer plays Yorick’s titular character, and Diane Lane plays his mother, Congresswoman Jennifer Brown, a member of the United States House of Representatives. The mostly female cast also includes Dredd’s Ashley Romans, Diana Bang and Olivia Thirlby. It will premiere on September 13, 2021 on FX on Hulu.

The story will follow that of the 2002-2008 comic series, in which Yorick Brown wakes up one morning to discover that he and his monkey, Ampersand, are the last two living males on Earth. The story continues as they venture into this new world filled with nothing but women.

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