Although the NBA is trying to keep people interested with the H-O-R-S-E tournament it is organizing, the most anticipated entertainment for fans of the league will come this Sunday, with the premiere of the first part of the documentary. “The Last Dance”, produced by ESPN and Netflix and which will deal with the last section of the Chicago Bulls by Michael Jordan.

The Athletic journalist Richard Deitsch has had the chance to access the first eight chapters (of the ten that the series will last) and to define what he has seen, he quotes Michael Jordan himself to demonstrate what he has felt. A Jordan who exposes himself in the series to his least known part, doors inside and as a voracious leader rather than as the smiling star we always knew.

To summarize what he saw, Deitsch simply uses a quote from Jordan, stating that “winning has a price” and that “leading also has a price. So I have pushed people when they did not want it, I have challenged people when they did not want to be challenged and I earned that right because my colleagues who came after me did not face all the things that I did. Once you joined the team, you lived to a certain standard just as I played the game and I will not accept minor. Now if that means I had to go over there and kick your ass a little bit, then I did it. ”

Given such a summary, the anxiety to know the interns, the motivations and the conflicts within one of the best teams in history has only grown. Michael Jordan’s mentality was praised and described many times, but for the first time we will be able to see it with our own eyes, starting next Sunday.