During a training of Chicago Bulls in 1995 Michael Jordan and Steve Kerr They came to blows and the now Golden State Warriors coach took the brunt of it. We had heard Steve Kerr’s version in this regard, ensuring that this confrontation made MJ respect him more than he did and that he held him in higher esteem (yes, it seems that Jordan respected you more if he sent you to the canvas).

In the last episode of The Last Dance (number 8), we finally have the reaction of Jordan and other Bulls actors to the fight. For example, this is what Phil Jackson said Jordan said after hitting Kerr: “I know, I’m gone for a second.”

Jordan said this after the hit he gave Kerr: “I was showering and telling myself that I had hit the smallest guy on the whole court. And I felt dwarfed. When I got in the car, I called the United Center and asked Steve Kerr’s number. I called him and apologized, I told him I had nothing with him. That I felt bad. ”

That phone call arranged everything between the two, as Kerr comments in The Last Dance: “We talked about it and, although it sounds strange, it was the best thing I could ever do. Stand up for myself and face him, because he was examining all they were playing with him and I got up. ”

“Kerr earned my respect because he was not willing to be a mere pawn in the whole process,” said Jordan.

In short, the fight served to make Jordan respect Kerr and Kerr felt more confident within the team.