Dennis Rodman He is one of the best defensive players in NBA history. His extra-sports scandals have perhaps put aside his worth as a great defender and rebounder, but the truth is that his sports career on the court and training was exemplary, beyond that he slept with models, dyed his hair and made statements high-sounding all the time.

He won two rings with Detroit Pistons in seasons 89 and 90 and 3 with the Chicago Bulls between 1996 and 1998. He is the main protagonist of the new two chapters of The Last Dance, managing to leave Michael Jordan in the background.

Rodman, at just 2.1 meters tall, managed to average over 14 rebounds per game for 7 seasons and over two of them over 18. Now he tells how he managed to rebound so well:

Rodman asked his friends to go to the gym with him at three or four in the morning to shoot. Rodman improved so much by rebounding thanks to an intensive study of positioning, where he should be positioned based on how the ball hit the rim and who the shooter was.