The last contact of Jorge Brito’s helicopter with the control tower before the fatal accident

The last communication between the helicopter pilot and the control tower

The banker Jorge Brito, 68, died today when the helicopter fell who was piloting near the dike Corral Goat, about 75 kilometers from the city of Jump, in an accident that caused upheaval in the world of politics and business.

. He accessed the last dialogue that the control tower had with the two crew members of the ship, Brito and his personal pilot.

In the conversation you can see the request of the control tower so that from the aircraft they specify the estimated time of arrival at Joaquin V. González, where the Brito family has a ranch.

In a moment, the dialogue is cut off and from the control tower they ask for help from another aircraft that was flying over the area. In any case, obviously the Brito helicopter accident had already happened at this point, since neither the control tower nor the other aircraft could communicate.

The full dialogue:

Control tower: LV-FQN active in 0050

LV-FQN: We activate 0050, concert of notes

Tower: LV-FQN, do you confirm the esteem of González?

LV-FQN: I’m going to pass it on to you now, as soon as we finish Cabra Corral I’ll pass it on. But approximately it will be in an hour.

Tower: 1933, well received … Type that we are going to be without communication.

LV-FQN: OK perfect.

Tower: Visual frequency and attentive to the arrival, that there is a gap.

LV-FQN: Ok, visual and frequency, then we tell you when we arrive. Ok, in a few minutes we will let you know.

Tower: LV-FQN (call the helicopter)

LV-FQN: (unanswered)

Tower to LV-GIC (other aircraft): Will you be so kind as to relay me or if you have contact with the LV-FQN. It’s an alpha sierra 50 helicopter.

Tower to LV-GIC: I would be so kind as to make a couple more calls to LV-FQN. We have a report of a lost or damaged aircraft and the aircraft that was flying over the Cabra Corral dam was LV-FQN. If you have any hints, very kind.

LV-GIC to Tower: In which sector was the last report approximately given?

Tower to LV-GIC: I was entering the dam with 5,000 feet, I was going to fly over and later I was going to go to Joaquín V. González.

LV-GIC to Tower: Okay. FMQ, do you receive the GIC? FMQ, do you receive the GIC? FMQ, do you receive the GIC? Skip any news of the call.

Tower to LV-GIC: Well, received GIC. Very thankful. Proceed with the approach.

As confirmed to .Brito had left the provincial capital shortly after noon after having had a meeting and lunch with Governor Gustavo Sáenz.

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