The last chance of Espanyol to achieve permanence

05/13/2021 at 12:25 PM CEST

Ines Sanchez

The team led by Rubén Casado continue to battle in the First Iberdrola. Despite a good start to the season, the last half ended up having consequences for the team. Five games from the end of the season, the next game is key to match Betis Féminas, the club that marks the relegation.

In the last meeting they achieved a point that could be decisive for this campaign. A draw against the second best club in the competition that is a spirited kick when the team needs it most. The crucial moment of the season has arrived, five games that are five finals for Espanyol: Deportivo, Barça, Atlético, Madrid and Sevilla.

Next Saturday (at 4:00 p.m.) they have a duel against a direct rival, Deportivo. A victory that is transversal to ensure points taking into account the rivals that await him until the end of the season. The Galicians have not been able to face a season that began with many casualties and are penultimate three points behind the Blue and Whites.

The meeting of this day acquires more importance depending on the result of Betis. The Verdiblancas will meet on Saturday (at 11 am) against Valencia, ranked tenth in the standings. The locals have not lost since the end of March against Atlético de Madrid. In the event of a defeat for the Andalusians, Espanyol would tie on points with them and approach a long-awaited permanence.

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