The Last Airbender finally has the cosplay it deserves


After about 100 years, our generation met the Avatar Nomad Air Aang, but now that we know the whole story, it is the turn of Korra, protagonist of Avatar: The Last Airbender and this cosplayer gives us the cosplay that this powerful Avatar deserves. If you want to know much more, this theory of Avatar: The Last Airbender explains the origin of the power of avatars.

Super cool Korra cosplay! (@rumorcosplay on tiktok!) from TheLastAirbender

This cosplayer shows us in her TikTok account to a Korra with his typical blue suit of his water tribe. While with some rod gadgets with some ends of what appears to be blue plastic, he also shows us in the video an effect that seems to simulate the manipulation of the water element in the traditional movements that the teacher may have taught him Katara.

And in case you didn’t know, The Legend of Korra already has its first action figure. Undoubtedly a great complement to give character to the cosplay. Korra is a powerful and full of life character in a series quite deep in its history and this cosplay it does enough honor to the character.

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