Volvo will begin installing devices in its cars that support advanced semi-automated driving

Technology has reached unimaginable limits and the marks of cars They have used technological development to carry out actions that perhaps we only saw in dreams a few years ago. Driving a car without the need for a person behind the wheel is something that different brands are betting on, including Volvo, who through a new device will seek to implement this new autonomous driving technology in their cars.

To ensure that a car has these characteristics, it is necessary to have a system of cameras and sensors integrated into the body and Volvo in conjunction with the firm Luminar has already announced the development of a compact, sophisticated laser device called LIDAR technology which in combination with cameras and image recognition, and mapping, will make it easier for your cars to offer autonomous driving in controlled environments.

Lidar system of Volvo and Luminar.
Credit: Courtesy Volvo.

According to the Diaiomotor portal, the arrival of this technology in cars will debut the modular platform SPA-2 from the year 2022, and the LIDAR Luminar and Volvo will observe and record the road and its surroundings, as well as the moving and stationary objects on it.

Volvo He anticipates that the fact that his cars begin to equip this technology would facilitate the progressive introduction of increasingly advanced systems and more complete automations, which will only require an automatic software update to dispose of them.

This is how the Volvo and Luminar Lidar System works, observing everything around you.
Credit: Courtesy Volvo.

Volvo says that once the cars with this device are available, the updates will be carried out automatically and will offer its drivers the possibility of having functions that will lead to autonomous driving in controlled environments.


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