The largest network for the sale of cheats for video games, with 76 million and several luxury cars, is arrested in China | Gaming

The millions of cheaters that spread like cancer will have it a little more difficult, after the arrest in China of the largest network dedicated to this dark business, which threatens the good health of online video games.

The chinese police, in collaboration with the video game company Tencent, has detained at least 10 persons that formed a group called Chicken drumstick, dedicated to sell software to cheat in online video games, which is known by the name of cheating.

This group of cybercriminals was dedicated to hacking games like Overwatch and Call of Duty Warzone, and selling the hacking software to customers in more than 100 countries.

And things were not going badly, because during the arrest the Chinese police have seized more than 70 million euros, as well as various luxury cars and other goods.

As companies release patches to prevent cheats, this cheating software has to be updated often, which is why these rogue hacker networks worked through subscriptions that reached 175 euros per month.

According to CBS, authorities have been surprised by the professionalism of the network, which had an online store with a shopping cart, a price list to hack different games, and even technical service.

The lockdown has catapulted the number of users of massive online games like Fortnite, Overwatch, Call of Duty, etc. They are highly competitive games where fame and ranking is everything, and that’s why they exist millions of cheaters, called cheaters, who use software to hack games and cheat.

This hybrid console from Nintendo allows you to play in handheld mode and also on your TV. Its catalog of exclusive games is also one of its main strengths.

This software allows you to do things like identify where all the players are on the map, even if they are hidden, and even automatically aim for head to get a perfect kill.

Games are not easy to hack, they are highly protected, so the software costs a lot of money. Still it is estimated that millions of people cheat in multiplayer games, ruining the fun for the rest.

Although until recently this problem only affected PC games, since third-party software cannot be installed on consoles, more and more games allow cross-games with console and PC players on the same map, so the former they are also indirectly affected.

The collaboration of Tencent has been crucial in stopping the largest network of selling cheats for video games. Tencent owns games like Valorant, League of Legends, Clash Royale, 50% of Fortnite, and others.