The largest iceberg in the world, larger than the island of Mallorca, breaks off from Antarctica

It is not as big as the A-68 iceberg that, with its nearly 6,000 km2, melted last year in the South Atlantic, but the one that just broke off in Antarctica is positioned as the largest in the world today.

Your name, iceberg A-76, and has separated from the western side of the Ronne Ice Shelf in the Weddell Sea. Measures around 4,320 km2, so it exceeds the approximately 3,880 km2 that had the active iceberg that until now held the record, A-32A.

Iceberg A-76 has about 4,320 km2, thus exceeding the record size of 3,880 km2 that iceberg A-32A held until now

For comparison, the A-76 iceberg is larger than the island of Mallorca (3,640 km2) and triple that of A-74, which broke off the Brunt ice shelf in February and whose size was around 1,270 km2.

The new iceberg has been detected by the British Antarctic Survey and confirmed by the US National Ice Center using images from Sentinel-1, a mission of the Copernicus program of the EU and the European Space Agency.

Sentinel-1 consists of two polar-orbiting satellites that are based on C-band synthetic aperture radar images, which return data regardless of whether it is day or night, allowing year-round observation of remote regions such as Antarctica. .

Icebergs are traditionally named after the Antarctic quadrant in which they were originally sighted, then a sequential number, and then, if the iceberg breaks, a sequential letter.

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