Post-confinement football has opened a gap that may be almost definitive between the area of ​​permanence in LaLiga Santander and the relegation positions. If on the last day before the break -27th- there was only one point margin between Celta and Mallorca, at the end of day 32 that difference between the same teams that mark salvation and relegation has increased to eight, something that in all the seasons of this century had only happened on another occasion.


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Analyzing the data from the 2000-2001 season, it is not normal that at this point there is so much margin. Normally, places 17 -last stay- and 18 -first descent- are between 0 and 3 points, with some specific case of 4 or 5. However, something similar was experienced in the 2004-2005 season. He Racing closed the permanence zone with 34 points, while Mallorca had 25 and, therefore, I saw 9 salvation. Curiously, the Balearic Islands managed to continue in First, at the cost of a Levante that it sank in the last six days, in which it only added two points.

While there is League …

The tightness of the differences in recent years assumes that not always the three that are in the relegation zone on day 32 end up in the well. In the campaigns that we have carried out in the 21st century -marking 2000-2001 as the first, straddling two centuries-, It has only happened five times. The last, the season 2016-2017when they came down Sporting, Osasuna and Granada, and in the 2017-2018, with Deportivo, Las Palmas and Málaga as protagonists. In both cases, the « gap » was 5 points at this point.

And it is that the dynamics of the last six days is usually lethal for some teams. An example is Deportivo de Miguel Ángel Lotina for the 2010-2011 season. On date 32 he was five points above the well, but he only managed one win and two draws in the remainder of the championship and finished accompanying Hercules and Almería on the way to the Silver Division.

The Bottom Line Curse

But the devastating fact affects bottoms. Currently it is Espanyol. And recent history says that all the teams that occupy the last place after day 32 in this century descend irretrievably to Second. The last one to be saved was the Cadiz, the bell 91-92… and defeating in the disappeared promotion of permanence and promotion to Figueres.

Rufete’s now wards are not the worst last classified of this century in this day 32. Osasuna (2016-2017) and Malaga (2017-2018) -Both with only 17 points and, respectively, 10 and 14 of salvation- they lived even worse at this point in the film. In both cases, with the end outlined above.