The Landjet project, three electric SUVs for Audi, Bentley and Porsche by 2024

Landjet. This is how the new and luxurious electric project that Audi is developing and which will debut in 2024 is known. It is the fruit of the hard work framed in the Artemis project, and which we gave you exclusively with the production of the Aicon concept. The future Audi Landjet will also be the launch pad for two more electrics at Bentley and Porsche.

The development of the luxury electric future, which will be the benchmark for power, performance and technology in the brand with the four rings, continues its course. Signature has dubbed the production model “Landjet” derived from the Audi Aicon concept car, due to the special characteristics of the future model. And it is that the original project has also changed, passing from a saloon to a crossover.

In principle, with capacity for five passengers, but could have up to seven plazas. A very ambitious project that is also part of the sophisticated Artemis program, in which the most advanced technology will be one of the true stars. Translates into powerful new software that will govern all electrical and electronic architecture seamless vehicle performance with advanced level 3 autonomous driving.

Audi Landjet, the new electric SUV, to overtake the e-tron quattro in size

The Audi Landjet will shorten the development of the two future electric models of Bentley and Porsche

The future model at Audi is known internally with code E6, and for now its specific commercial name is unknown. What we do know is that it will dethrone the A8 from its flagship title, which will be based on the PPE platform of Premium electric cars, which allows the conception of large models, and that it will have two high-power, all-wheel drive electric motors.

If its qualities are interesting, the more it will be The launch pad for the Bentley Mulsanne replacement, which we know will be a “Grand Touring” type electric crossover. And, in addition, it will also have a derivation for the German sports brand, so we can already get an idea of ​​what the future Porsche Cayenne will be.

Thus, the interior capacity will depend on each brand, so the possibilities that the Audi model has 7 seats multiply, compared to Bentley and Porsche. All three will feature a high-capacity battery pack with up to 650 kilometers of autonomy, and will be manufactured at the Hannover plant.

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