The division of opinions among NBA players is increasing every day with respect to ending the 2019-20 season as the NBA intends, and they also live it in an iIntent on the Los Angeles Lakers, by Lebron James.

06/15/2020 at 13:08


While the star has been in favor of returning to the competition after the coronavirus stoppage, two other players on the roster, veterans Dwight Howard and Avery Bradey, They have opted for the opposite, and focus on racial struggle.

Despite the differences, The Lakers try to play down the face of public light, where they do not speak, in any case, of division. « There are things that still need to be discussed between the League and the team & rdquor ;, a player told ESPN from anonymity.

Howard, singing voice

The Lakers they are afraid Howard will decide not to participate with the team the rest of the season and focus on pursuing social justice for African Americans. Your agent, Charles Briscoe, assures that he has not made a decision.

In a statement, the veteran center said he supported the harangue given by Nets player Kyrie Irving a few days ago to a group of 80 players. « I agree with Kyrie. Basketball or entertainment time is not what we need right now, and it would just be a distraction & rdquor ;, Howard said.

« There is nothing else that made me hope like winning an NBA title, but the unity of my town is better than a championship, too pretty to pass up & rdquor ;, he assured.

Howard and Bradley contribute

Howard has become an important player in the team, averaging 7.5 points and 7.4 rebounds and 1.2 blocks in 19.2 minutes on average. The Lakers guaranteed him a contract of 2.75 million until the end of the season.

Another of those who have been favorable to stop is Avery Bradley, who signed two years with the Lakers for $ 9.7 million and he has become a great defender in the perimeter area.