A city like Madrid is full of art in each of its streets, especially in the city center, thanks to dozens of artists who have given us their works. One of them is Tvboy, Salvatore’s stage name, an Italian artist who has lived in Spain since 2004 and who has not hesitated to express his talent on many of the city walls, drawing illustrations in which love is undoubtedly the protagonist. But what little we could hope for is that now this was going to unite two of the most beloved characters from ‘La Casa de Papel’ in a unique illustration.

Illustration of Tokyo and Nairobi by Tvboy

In the heart of Chueca, Tvboy wanted to imagine what a kiss would be like between the characters of Tokyo and Nairobi, or what is the same, the actresses Úrsula Corberó and Alba Flores. At number 3 Gravina street we find a wall in which we see both drawn kissing, next to a heart with the LGBTI + flag behind the two. They are also dressed in their traditional red jumpsuit although incorporating the Tvboy logo and the Madrid City Council logo on the sleeves. An illustration that has undoubtedly caught the attention of fans of fiction, who have already shared dozens of images posing next to the illustration.

This is a drawing with which without a doubt an attempt is made to give more visibility than ever to a lesbian kiss and a tribute is paid to the hit Netflix fiction. Regarding the project, along with the illustration, a poster has been added explaining that this « is part of a series of Tvboy works on the theme of universal love without gender barriers ». In it it is added that with her it is « winks at Madrid as a modern and open city, from a sociocultural point of view and one of the great LBTBI + friendly capitals « .

Tribute to ‘La Casa de Papel’

Finally, it is also added that « This work pays tribute to the female protagonists of ‘La Casa de Papel’, the Spanish series that has become the most famous in the world and that has made Madrid even more an icon. « In short, a work that aims to give visibility to the LGBTI + collective and does so without a doubt in the most open and tolerant neighborhood from the city. It seems clear that from now on the illustration of Tvboy has become a mandatory stop for all the residents of the place and the people who visit Chueca.