The kingPhilip VIHe stated that Spain “mourns so many thousands of compatriots” who have lost their lives during the pandemic, to whom the Spanish owe “remembrance, mourning and affection.”

Felipe VI transmitted the message after participating in a minute of silence in the Zarzuela palace with the QueenLetiziaand her daughters, the Princess of Asturias,Eleanor, and the InfantaSofia, coinciding with the first of the ten days of national mourning decreed by the Government. All four have dressed in rigorous mourning to pay tribute to the more than 27,000 deaths since the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic.

“Spain cries for so many thousands of compatriots that we have lost in this pandemic. Many continue to face it to get ahead. To all of them, along with their families, we owe our memories, our mourning and our love,” reads the message that it wanted to launch. the Monarch, sources from the Royal House have reported.

The Kings and their daughters have shown their duel in front of the facade of one of the main buildings in Zarzuela before a Spanish flag at half-mast. Employees of the Casa del Rey have joined the minute of silence.

The members of the Royal Family have gone outside the “Magnolias” building of the Zarzuela complex and have gone to the garden in front of it, where the national ensign permanently flutters on a mast.

All of them have paid tribute with serious gestures, without a mask for being outside in the Zarzuela area, and keeping the distance recommended by current health regulations.

King Felipe VI, in a black suit and tie, has stood firm looking at the flag at all times.

On her right has been the Princess, while the Queen has been on her left and, next to her, the Infanta.

Both Doña Letizia and her daughters were also wearing black dresses as a sign of mourning for those who died due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The minute of silence was preceded by a touch of prayer by a bugler from the music unit of the Royal Guard.

The tribute has also been added outside the Casa del Rey’s personal building that continues to carry out its work in Zarzuela, since a large part of them telework according to public health instructions.

Throughout the pandemic, the Kings of Spain have maintained continuous contacts with various foreign heads of state and representatives of institutions and numerous areas of society to analyze the impact of the health crisis.

This Wednesday her daughters have been seen for the second time during the state of alarm, after they both star in a double telematic intervention on April 23.

That day, from the Zarzuela Palace, they sent a message of support and thanks to all those who were fighting on the front line against the coronavirus and participated in reading Cervantes’ “Quixote” on the occasion of Book Day.

Since the official ten-day mourning began at midnight, which will run until Friday, June 5, both the website and the Twitter account of the Royal House have worn a crepe.

Once Spain has overcome the state of alarm, King Felipe VI is expected to preside over a great official act in memory of the victims, as the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, has advanced in an intervention.