“The kind of gesture that I like”

Olivier Giroud split with a wonder of return to give the victory to Chelsea, this Tuesday against Atlético, in the round of 16 first leg of the C1.

A beautifully returned chisel sent into the nets – this is undoubtedly the gesture of the evening for anyone who has followed this round of 16 first leg of the Champions League between Atlético de Madrid and Chelsea. Olivier Giroud he himself does not shy away from his pleasure: “It’s the kind of gesture that I like, those who know me know it.” I had some success, with the defender handing the ball to me, but I’m not going to be choosy. I am very happy to see the ball in the back and especially that there is no offside. It’s great for me and for the team, ”he slips hot on the RMC Sport antenna.

“With VAR, unfortunately, you have to be patient and keep the faith. This time, it turns out in our favor, good for us, it’s true that it took a long time but it was an important decision so we had to wait. It’s just weird to celebrate three minutes later, ”he concedes, however, he who saw the flag rise, initially, after shaking the Colchoneros’ nets. On arrival, only one goal remains, well and truly validated and essential for the return to London – the sixth this season of the person concerned in the European Cup. “Six goals in five Champions League matches is a good stat, yes. Even if there was this quadruplet against Sevilla… I’m happy of course, let’s hope that it is a lucky competition like in the Europa League in 2019! “

“A perpetual questioning”

And the former Montpellier resident added: “Personally, I have never made it through the knockout stages in C1, I would be happy to skip this round, and then we’ll see. We’re fine, we have to keep this game project, we are all concerned and involved, we all have a lot of fun, me first! I can tell you that I will not rest on my laurels, all the coaches I have had know that questioning is perpetual with me. They can count on me, even when I play less, I stay focused. No worries about that. “

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