The keys to rebuilding Spain

Spain resurrects in the best possible way against Germany. The selection arrived touched and forced to win on the last day of the League of Nations to reach the final phase of the competition and in front he did not have the simplest rival to solve his problems. However, the team led by Luis Enrique not only showed his face, but also swept the Germans. A historic 6-0 that qualifies Spain for the semifinals of the second edition of the continental tournament and that leaves an image that has nothing to do with what has been seen in recent matches.

Luis Enrique introduced important changes in the eleven they managed to revolutionize the team’s game. The objective was to change what was seen in the last matches and, above all, win a match classified as ‘final’. Several were the factors that the Asturian technician varied and that they gave a great result, reflected on the scoreboard overwhelmingly.

Winning mindset from the start

Spain jumped onto the playing field of La Cartuja winning. From the first moment it was seen that the selection was a march above of the Germans. It was worth nothing other than winning and they went out from the first minute for all. Intensity, pressure and verticality were added to the attitude of the team from the first minute of play., which led to a historic win.

The presence of a pure 9: Morata

Álvaro Morata is sweet and you have to take advantage of it. Luis Enrique learned from the mistake of not having any starting point against Switzerland and turned to the Spanish striker who is in better shape. Soon the Juventus player was in charge of proving it, with the goal that opened the scoring.

Morata took advantage of his moment and, not content only with scoring, he benefited from the presence of the two arrows that Spain had on the wings to associate and not stop producing good plays in attack. The result could be more bulky if it had risen to the scoreboard the second goal scored by the Madrid striker, which was annulled for an offside, the less questionable.

The contribution of Koke and Fabián

Koke Resurrection He honored his surname and was one of the keys to the resurgence of the Spanish team. The Atlético player returned to a list two years later and showed that at this level he is a reference in the game. Luis Enrique varied the entire midfield, counting on the rojiblanco from the start and did not disappoint, being the main helm of the team in the core, capable of stopping the game of the Germans and standing out above all in creation.

To highlight was also the match of Fabian. He was not a starter, but entered the first minutes after the injury to Canales. During the second half, most of Spain’s dangerous actions stood out as they came out of their boots. In fact, he ended the match with a assists triplet and he was fundamental in the goal that closed the scoring by enabling Gayà.

The depth of Ferran

Within the authentic game that Spain completed, he stood out above all Ferran Torres. The attacker agreed with Luis Enrique’s determination to show blind trust towards him. He took the game ball after his hat-trick, but his party was not only about goals. The one from City contributed verticality, overflow, depth, knew how to associate … and completed an outstanding performance.