the key is on the grass and it’s hard to see

The viral image of Google Maps. (Photo: GOOGLE MAPS)

The finding of a user of the social network Reddit is going around the world in recent days because it is very curious and reveals a little story in the small town of West Jordan, in Utah, United States.

There, on a garden lawn, you can see how the owner of a house has cut the grass in such a way that the word “bitch”, which means “bitch” or “whore” in English, can be read perfectly. What’s more, it has also managed to draw an arrow that indicates where the recipient of the message is.

The image can be seen on Google Maps, although it is much better appreciated on the Google Earth platform:

The viral image.  (Photo: GOOGLE EARTH)The viral image.  (Photo: GOOGLE EARTH)

The viral image. (Photo: GOOGLE EARTH)

The Reddit user who made the discovery posted the image along with an ironic comment: “I don’t think the neighbors get along very well.”

This Google Maps discovery is no more than an anecdote, but the maps application has served on occasion to find even people who have been missing for years.

This is the case of William Moldt, an American man who disappeared in Palm Beach, Florida, on November 7, 1997 and whose body was found in 2019 thanks to Google maps.

The night of his disappearance he called his girlfriend from a bar and told her that he would be home soon. Soon after, he was seen leaving the premises and getting into his car. He didn’t seem to be drunk. But after it evaporated.

No one heard from him again until a person who had lived in Wellington, Florida, started searching the area with Google Earth. At one point, he saw something strange in an artificial pond.

That person contacted a neighbor in the area, who lived near the place. “That resident activated his personal drone and confirmed …

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