The Jordanian Government implicates the king’s half-brother in a plot against national security

The Government of Jordan has implicated this Sunday Hamza bin Hussein, former crown prince and half-brother of the monarch, Abdullah II, in a conspiracy with an “external opposition” to “destabilize the national security of the country.”

The Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister, Ayman al Safadi, has denounced the existence of “communications” between people around Prince Hamza with “foreign organizations, including the so-called foreign opposition“, to” incite (actions) against national security. “

These statements come a day after a large security operation that resulted in approximately twenty arrests of people close to the Jordanian power at some point, such as the former royal adviser Basem Awadalá, old confidant of the monarch and former Minister of Finance

In the midst of an exchange of information, the former crown prince published a video in which he assured that he was under house arrest – something that the General Staff had previously denied – due to his proximity to certain critical currents with the Jordanian government.

In response, the Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister has criticized the “distorted messages” sent by the former crown prince, issued for no other reason than to arouse sympathy among the local and foreign population, and coinciding with “his activities to incite activities aimed at undermining national security.”

It has also reported that “people linked to foreign security services” contacted Prince Hamza’s wife, and even offered her a plane “to evacuate them immediately from Jordan to another country.”

In this sense, the monarch Abdullah II has spoken directly with Prince Hamza, to “dissuade you from these activities” and to solve this entire crisis, “which constitutes a deviation from Hashemite traditions and values”, within the family environment.