The Jonas Brothers want to fight the Hemsworth brothers in UFC

The Jonas Brothers are on tour throughout the United States succeeding like never before after their reunion. Although it seems that not everything is music. The three brothers were recently interviewed on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and They launched a challenge to fight in the UFC to the Hemsworth brothers (Chris, Liam and Luke).

‘Actually, that’s not the reason. We are going to take note of all the YouTubers that are having these boxing matches and we are going to have a great UFC match. It’ll be us against the Hemsworth brothersThey stated, with Jimmy Fallon stunned. The Hemsworths haven’t emailed us yet, but it will be great.


Probably Nick, Joe and Kevin haven’t seen Chris Hemsworth lately otherwise they would not have challenged it. The actor who brings Thor to life in Marvel Studios is a beast physically. Although he certainly has no training as a fighter. But neither are the Jonas Brothers, so they would also be at a disadvantage.

At the moment it is not known what the Hemsworths think but they may also be interested in this fight. Then it would be left to know what they think of the mixed martial arts company. Obviously, it’s a joke and it’s not going to happen but it was a funny moment the one the Jonas brothers had in the interview.


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