Belinda: The joke about Daniela Luján that Capi made and that Christian Nodal had to defend her | INSTAGRAM

Like most of the users within the infinity of the internet, “Capi” Pérez has followed the most recent romance within the musical medium with considerable attention: Belinda and Christian Nodal, however, he never expected that one of his comments would not be good taken by one of them.

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The comedian and now host of the morning show « Come joy » reacted to the video Nodal shared on Monday afternoon in which he appeared very affectionate with Beli.

To « Capi » it seemed a good idea to recall the issue of the rivalry between the renowned Mexican actresses: Daniela Luján and Belinda since the former replaced the latter as the protagonist in the children’s telenovela « Complices to the rescue » in the last part of the history.

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It should be noted that this alleged rivalry was actually created by the media, who were responsible for creating the atmosphere of enmity between the then little actresses by questioning their opinion of each other frequently.

Questions to which our beloved Belinda referred that Luján was not her competition for only being an actress and not a singer, likewise, she mentioned that Daniela did not impose fashion.

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Well, said comment made by « Capi » in a Nodal post on Twitter reminded both Internet users and those involved in the « lawsuit » what happened in the famous telenovela.

« Never change it for Daniela Luján, please » was the controversial, but hilarious comment that the comedian wrote, however, some time later, it was he himself who discovered that his message had been deleted.

For this reason, he decided to express his feelings through a publication where he wrote verbatim: « They deleted my comment » next to the Crying Emoji.

The « Capi » took the whole thing with humor and in another tweet he said: « I thought we were going to be friends forever », in clear reference to the first soap opera that Belinda starred in when she was little.

In addition, the presenter showed his disappointment at the fact that Nodal and Belinda did not kiss on the stage of La Voz, where they performed together the theme Of the kisses that I gave you.