The Ivermectin Commission of Congress, by Augusto Álvarez Rodrich Peru News

It is important to investigate what allowed vaccinate and to establish the responsibilities of this privileged bacchanal of the anticovidian dose, but the process must not be allowed to become a circus of political execution at the service of vulgar causes.

The comptroller’s office has identified, from the records it has received, at least 122 vaccinated officials, in addition to 69 people related to 26 family groups.

The health ministry has also formed an investigative commission chaired by former minister Fernando Carbone, with at least 50 officials from the sector benefiting.

In turn, the nation’s prosecutor, Zoraida Ávalos, has opened an investigation for incompatible negotiation and collusion. The lawyer José Ugaz has listed several crimes and ethical misconduct that could have been committed in the vaccine.

The media also carry out their own investigations with information they receive and that will lead to new uncovers that can be used by the investigative bodies.

In the process, it will be important to distinguish those who benefited from the vaccine in an irregular manner from those who did receive it, although it should be regretted that this process was not the most transparent.

But the investigative instance that produces the most concern, to this modest column at least, is that of Congress. A main attribution of the same is the control, but it is not frequent that the Peruvian parliament does it with precision.

Like the lavajato commission in the recent past, which is the risk that is run now with the investigation group created for vaccinate under the control of the same group of coup leaders last November, and which now hopes to go for the playoff with morondanga advisers like the ivermectin promoter vet.

The best thing would be for justice to do what it has to do, whoever falls, and that, in parallel, a plural and intelligent working group is formed that proposes actions to build a society with values ​​that prevent the authorities of the future from abusing their power to save themselves, but forgetting all citizens.

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