The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) sent late this Sunday to Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora, a new health protocol for the resumption of sports activity, in which promises to intensify medical controls with pharyngeal tampon to players, but asks to avoid armored concentrations.

05/18/2020 at 11:48



The leadership of the FIGC met in a video conference with the League of the A series and members of the Italian Federation of Sports Doctors and it prepared a new protocol, of 14 pages, that the Government received on the night of this Sunday and that it will study in the next few hours.

“In a spirit of full collaboration, the minister gave orders to his collaborators to proceed to a quick, but attentive, study of the novelties introduced in the document, so that it could be sent this Monday to Scientific Technical Committee “, the office of Spadafora in a note released by the Italian media.

LSeries A clubs last week expressed their disagreement over the strict requests of the Government, in particular on the obligation to concentrate players for several weeks in sports centers and to quarantine the entire squad if there is a positive among footballers.

The new protocol highlights that they will undergo the pharyngeal buffer test prior to the start of team training and that they will be repeated “every 72 or 96 hours.” Too There will be a serological test before the first group training, and then one every fourteen days.

Serie A clubs also proposed to the Government that the players not be concentrated in armored sports centersYes, but they can go home after each workout. If there is a positive in the workforce during this periodor, the clubs promised to subject all players to a pharyngeal tampon every 48 hours for two weeks, in addition to serological examinations every ten days.

The will of resume Series A, which has been interrupted since March 9, on day 26, next June 13. However, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said on Saturday that “greater guarantees” are needed.

“Soccer attracts many fans” and the eventual resumption of the championship “is a subject that receives many requests. Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora follows the subject with great attention and is very responsible, like the entire government. First you have to understand and wait for the conditions to be met to guarantee the resumption of the championship in maximum security conditions, “he said.

“To venture to say a date more guarantees are needed than at the moment and speaking with Spadafora there are not”Conte said he expressed his wish that they arrive “as soon as possible.”