The Irish funeral that looks like something out of a mobster

The burial from Dean maguire, a young man from 29 years with 25 convictions and who died in a traffic accident, is giving much to talk about in Ireland for how events took place inside and outside the Church and for what some call a kind of exaltation of someone with a criminal life. So much so that the Guardian have compared what was experienced in the Catholic Church St Mary’s Priory in Tallaght (west of Dublin) with a scene that could well have been shot for The Sopranos, that New Jersey mobster series that is always high on the list of the best series in history.

The funeral for a young man with more than 25 convictions has become the subject of debate in Ireland.  (Photo: Getty Images)

The funeral for a young man with more than 25 convictions has become the subject of debate in Ireland. (Photo: .)

The Father Donal Roche, that he did not officiate the ceremony personally but that he lived it all in the first person as the person in charge of controlling access and capacity to the temple, has acknowledged to The Guardian, that he has been the “most disturbing” funeral in which it has been present. The deceased, Maguire, had more than 25 convictions and died a few days earlier in a traffic accident in a BMW in which two other people, also deceased, were traveling. They drove by the wrong side of the road and collided with a truck.

Dozens of people came to the church to say goodbye and honor him. Only 50 could access the interior, although Father Roche has commented to the local Dublin Live media that it was not easy to maintain those numbers. When he reached that figure he closed the doors, but as soon as he turned around to indicate to a person where the bathroom was, others sneaked in. In addition, there was a constant flow of people entering and leaving in a atmosphere described by the parish priest as “charged”. In the end, he had no choice but to try to minimize the damage in a context of a pandemic and rising coronavirus infections.

Some details of what happened inside have been leaking in the British media. For example they took a screwdriver to the altar, indispensable work tool for the deceased. Also, that one of the people who spoke during the service apologized for the foul language he was going to use later. call him “legend”. It has also been known that it was placed a poster with a rhyme whose meaning, translated into Spanish, would be something like “you know how it goes, get down on the ground, don’t be funny and give me the money.”

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Roche found out about all this later, because his mission was to control the capacity from the outside. “I only found out later. I would not like to be associated with him at all, “he said. Of course, despite the criticism and controversy for what many say was a sort of glorification of criminal life, the parish priest wanted to make it clear that “most of the time, Tallaght appears in the news for bad reasons and my experience it’s very different. People are generally very conscientious and respectful ”.

On the facts, from the Archdiocese of Dublin, collects Dublin Live, they have declared that “in a Christian funeral we entrust the soul of the deceased to mercy of God. Out of respect for the family and loved ones of the deceased, it would not be appropriate to comment publicly on an individual ceremony. Please note that a parish is not responsible for activity outside of its church. “

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