The iPhone Reminders app receives an interesting novelty with iOS 15

iOS 15 includes an interesting novelty in the Reminders application. It is now possible to create smart lists for add alerts based on location, date, time, or priority. This is a function that will facilitate the creation of reminders and will allow you to have a more ordered list.

With iOS 14 it is now possible to create reminder lists, but not in a “smart” way. The new iOS 15 feature, discovered by developer Rubén Fernández, allows automatically collect notices that have a certain label. Specifically, Apple offers five different labels:

Date. The user can use this tag to create or order those reminders with any date, a specific day or an interval between dates.Hour. With the possibility of choosing between alerts during the night, the last hours of the afternoon, in the afternoon, morning or at any time.Location. For the iOs 15 application to categorize the reminders in a specific location or one previously set in Maps. For example, the address, when getting into the car, etc.Indicator. The reminder created in this list will be automatically marked with the flag.Priority. The user will have the opportunity to choose between a priority level (high, medium, low or any) so that the list automatically activates it in iOS 15.

The smart lists in iOS 15 are also capable of automatically placing the label on the reminder itself. For example, if the user creates a smart list with a specific time, every time you write a reminder on that list, the previously set time will be marked. The reminders included in these lists will also appear in the main sections of the application.

iOS 15 and the little features Apple didn’t announce at WWDC

iOS 15 brings back the text selection magnifierCredit: TapSmart

The new version of Apple’s operating system is packed with small functions that can be very useful for day to day. FaceTime, for example, is able to warn us if we are talking with the microphone off. iOS 15 also brings back some features from previous versions. One of them is the text selection magnifying glass, which allows you to see, with greater precision, where the courses are.

iOS 15, which is currently in beta for developers, will be available in the fall. At the moment, no confirmed date, but it is expected to be announced days before the arrival of the iPhone 13.

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