The iPhone 13 doesn’t exist yet, but Caviar has already come up with a way to make it ridiculously more expensive

More than $ 12,000 for an iPhone 13

At this point in the movie we all know Caviar, that really tacky firm that takes high-end terminals, puts insulting amounts of gold on them and sells them for thousands and thousands of dollars.

Well, Caviar not only sells current terminals on the market but also smartphones that do not even exist yet. An example? The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max that Caviar has already announced and that of course they will not be cheap at all.

They do not exist yet but Caviar already announces its versions of iPhone 13

It doesn’t exist yet but Caviar has announced its own version of the iPhone 13

Apple has not yet confirmed the specifications or design of its new terminal that will be presented as every year after the summer, but from Caviar they have not wanted to wait and They have already announced their own versions of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max that will be expensive and with a lot of gold and diamonds.

Under the name of “Parade of the Planets” (Parade of planets), these terminals are covered in blackened titanium as well as lots of gold. The designs will be set with planets like Mercury, Saturn as well as other satellites such as the Moon, Phobos or Deimos of Mars.

Its price? Well, they will start at $ 12,750. If you still do not have them, you can save if you want.

Our recommendation is that if you want to spend the money, bet on the best high-end so far this year. They will do the same or better performance than Caviar smartphones, they are cheaper and you will not attract so much attention on the street. Of course they are also much less tacky.

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