The International Olympic Committee confirmed last Tuesday that it continues with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics despite the contagions from coronavirus are skyrocketing across the planet. The intention today at the IOC continues to be to celebrate the Olympic event that starts on July 24, even if it has to be behind closed doors.

As you have been able to know OK DAILY, the IOC is ready to celebrate 2020 Tokyo Olympics behind closed doors rather than putting them off. The reason? That the International Olympic Committee chaired by Thomas Bach would have to face multi-million dollar compensation to television giants and their two main sponsors (Visa and McDonald’s) if they are not held on schedule.

This explains why the Games are one of the few competitions that have not been suspended due to coronavirus. On the same day that UEFA announced that the European Championship was postponed to 2021, the IOC held a meeting with the Olympic committees, federations and athletes in which there was a clear slogan: “With more than four months to go, there is no need to make drastic decisions right now. “

In addition, the agency noted that “any speculation at this time would be counterproductive” despite acknowledging that the coronavirus “It is also affecting preparations.” Through an official statement, he also encouraged the athletes “to continue preparing as best they can” for the event.

The Tokyo – IOC contract does not include pandemics

The contract that seven years ago was signed by the IOC and Tokyo to grant this city the organization of the 2020 Games foresees all kinds of situations that would justify its cancellation, from a war to an embargo, but not a pandemic like the one that now affects the planet. and that casts doubt on the normal development of the sports event.

Article 66, dedicated to “Expiration of the contract”, indicates in its section a / that the IOC will be “authorized to end the contract and withdraw the Games to the city” if the host country “is at any time, before the opening ceremony or during the Games, in a state of war, civil disorder, boycott, embargo decreed by the international community or a situation officially recognized as belligerent or … if the IOC has reasonable grounds to believe, in its own discretion, that the security of the participants in the Games would be seriously threatened or compromised for any reason ».

This last criterion would be the one that would justify a change in the Olympic plans because of the coronavirus, if the IOC considers this to be a serious risk to the participants.

The COE, contrary to the celebration

One of the voices against the celebration of the Olympic Games on the scheduled date is Alejandro Blanco, president of the Spanish Olympic Committee, who made it clear at the conclusion of a meeting with the other committees that “Spanish athletes cannot be unequal”.

Alejandro Blanco He indicated that the news that arrives every day “is disturbing in all the countries of the world.” “But, for us, the most important thing is that our athletes cannot train and if the Games are held, they would be in unequal conditions,” he said in a videoconference with the presidents of the Olympic Federations to analyze the situation caused by the pandemic.