The characters of Marvel Studios generally have a tinge of humor, some of them much more notable, such is the case of the Guardians of the Galaxy, same that their humor made them a very beloved team within the franchise and one of the scenes perhaps most remembered seems to be that it already has an explanation, because a fan seems to have discovered something interesting and his theory explains why Drax is invisible.

The movie Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2′ It brought us more characters as well as more funny scenes of these heroes, among them the one of Drax believing himself to be invisible by not moving or moving very slowly while being watched by Star-Lord and Gamora, but perhaps this has an explanation.

Through social media, a fan released what appears to be a discovery and his theory explains why Drax is invisible:

“I think he realized that things that don’t move or move incredibly slow are essentially invisible, similar to how the T-Rex’s vision is described. However, he doesn’t realize that other species don’t have this same disadvantage. So when you try your hilarious invisibility skill in the next Avengers movie, you can’t understand why it’s absolutely absurd for others. You’re convinced of a reality that just isn’t like that for everyone else. “

According to this theory, his vision is very different from that of others, because if something stops moving it becomes invisible and it seems that this happens when the little one Groot He stops dancing when Drax turns to see him at the end of this team’s first movie. Although this hypothesis seems to have some coherence, but other users also pointed out that it is wrong, since when he describes that he met his wife, he mentions that he did not move a single muscle.Is this the real reason why he thinks he is invisible?