The investigation of the letters with bullets from the Madrid campaign stalls because there are no traces of the authors

Image of the threatening letter shared by Pablo Iglesias. (Photo: TWITTER / Pablo Iglesias.)

The fingerprint and DNA analysis carried out on the letters with bullets sent to public offices during the recent electoral campaign to the Community of Madrid has not allowed investigators to advance to trace the authorship of these threats, since the fingerprints belong to to people who manipulated the envelopes from their reception at the Post Office, as confirmed by police sources to the Europa Press agency.

The investigation focuses mainly on the first three letters sent, in this order, to the general director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, at the headquarters of the Armed Institute and two others sent to the Ministry of the Interior: one to the head of this portfolio, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, and another to the former vice president and candidate of United We Can in the Madrid elections, Pablo Iglesias.

Although there are elements that can be disturbing, such as using a ruler to make it difficult to analyze the handwriting or the alleged use of gloves so as not to leave a trace of fingerprints, experts lower the alert for the security risk when taking into account that it is about generic threats.

However, they acknowledge that at least in the last three years, with Fernando Grande-Marlaska in the Ministry of the Interior, no such threats have been registered with envelopes that kept bullets of different caliber inside.

The Secretary of State for Security, Rafael Pérez, alluded in a television interview days before the end of the 4-M electoral campaign to the discovery of fingerprints and DNA in the first three letters. Bullets manufactured from the 80s were also analyzed, although specialists have not found a line to inquire from the perspective of ballistics analysis as they are ammunition already in disuse and that may belong to collectors.

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